Clinical Cases in Ophthalmology is an exclusive event in the world of Polish ophthalmology. What sets this conference apart from other events is the interactive approach towards participation in lectures thanks to a special system for voting on the presented clinical cases.

  • A fully interactive conference
  • Speakers ask participants questions
  • Participants diagnose a case or propose a solution by way of voting with remote controls
  • Participants vote for the best clinical case of a session
  • Presented cases are collectively discussed and analyzed
  • Every year, the Clinical Cases conference attracts participants from all over the country.

A very interesting and educational event for both residents and consultants. The interactive nature of the conference allows for anonymous participation in the diagnosis and application of therapeutic methods.

I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys ophthalmic riddles

prof. Marta Misiuk-Hojło, PhD

Departament and Clinic of Ophthalmology, Wrocław Medical University

The conference was organized in an interesting and innovative style, provoking active participation and maintaining the attention of its participants. The unquestionable educational value of the event is worth emphasizing.


prof. Zofia Mariak, PhD

Departament and Clinic of Ophthalmology, Medical University of Białystok